What Are You Really Selling?

Well, hello there, and welcome to Cannabis Business Made Easy, I'm your host Brandie Bee. Creator of The Elevated Advocate where cannabis advocates become entrepreneurs.

I’m here to help you increase your credibility, grow your influence, and make your impact in the cannabis industry.  

In today’s episode, I have a question for you. What are you really selling? 

I’m going to come right out with you and be straight. People usually join my cannabis leadership accelerator because they want to fast track their cannabis science knowledge so they can sell more of XYZ. But I got news for you, no matter how knowledgeable or enthusiastic you are, people don’t honestly care about your product or service. Not at face value, at least.

And I think you secretly already knew this because we’ve all been there. You’re on a roll describing the fabulous features of your product. You feel like your on FIRE. How could anyone deny the awesomeness of what you’re serving? But then you look over at your prospects whos eyes just sort of glaze over about 30 seconds into your speech.

You understand what makes your product remarkable, and you want to share it with others. The mistake is that most business owners assume their prospects will inherently know why they should buy your product after hearing what your product can do.

And you’re partway there! But what you should be asking yourself is what can it do for them. What are the advantages?

Will your product resolve their pain points in some way? Can you make their life easier? If you’re struggling to answer these questions at all, you’re too focused on your product features ~ when your prospects only want results.

A little quote I like to keep in mind is Features tell and benefits sell. Features are what your product is or does-- The description and specs. Benefits are why your customers need it-- What results will they see? 

You might be thinking, “yes B, that is Marketing 101 really”. But, plenty of marketing plans will tell a different story. So many entrepreneurs are looking to add credibility to their sales pitch but forget to define the customer benefit.  

At the end of the day, messages about your product specs, company’s history, qualifications, and service offerings are kind of weak. These are empty statements that won’t speak to your customers or their needs. 

What does it mean to them?

So today, I have a little exercise, before you deliver your pitch to yet another set of glazed eyes, let’s try the So What method. 

For every product feature, you’d usually list off to prospective clients, begin asking yourself, “So what?”  

Here’s how it works:  

I’m an online cannabis coach, and I teach people how to make their healthy snacks and infused cookies.

“So what?”  

It’s going to allow them to take control of their own health and wellbeing 

“So what?” 

 They will get in touch with their bodies in a new way using cannabis therapy  

Put it together:   

“Our healthy cannabis cooking series will help you take back control of your health and wellbeing and get to know yourself in a new way through cannabis therapy.” 

To fully explore this, test each of your product features with at least two or three times before you define the benefit. Use this as you draft your web copy and talking points for conferences and meetings. Explaining your product’s benefits isn’t always easy. But I like to use this little tool because the "So What?" method helps outline the real benefits of your product so you can connect and deliver to your niche.  

And remember, your clients want the same things you want!-- To save time, spend less, get healthier, and achieve more! Proving your product can solve their challenges means that they are happy campers, and they will keep coming. It’s a surefire way to succeed. 




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