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Hi, I'm Brandie Bee

I teach cannabis industry entrepreneurs how to organize and strategize their online business.


Because You Want More Than An Online Cannabis Business

You aim to educate and uplift with your offerings. But between finding the right software, organizing your information, and developing your online marketing strategy the back end of things seems a lot more complicated than you were anticipating. It doesn't have to be! Since earning my business degrees back in 2016, I've helped hundreds of cannabis industry entrepreneurs avoid years of trial and error with my signature programs Elevated Entrepreneur and Elevated Advocacy


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Get The Online 
Canna-Biz Blueprint 

When it comes to online cannabis business, it's easy to get lost in the weeds.  That's why I made The Online Canna-Biz Blueprint. A step-by-step playbook for building your online business in the cannabis industry. 

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Then Spark Up, Kick Back, And Tune In To Cannabis Business Made Easy

Quick, actionable business tips to help you go farther faster in the cannabis industry. 

Is It Possible To Start A Cannabusiness With No Money?

Things To Think About Before You Start Your Cannabusiness

Website Tweaks For Stronger Leads

How To Outsource Your Way To Happiness

When To Get A Business Coach

3 Steps To Boost Your Cannabis Industry Credibility

Ready to Organize and Strategize Your Online  Cannabis Business?

Whether you’re brand new to the cannabis industry or looking for new ways to succeed, I'll give you the tools you need to plan, prepare, and promote your online product and then challenge you to make it a reality. Join my newsletter to access the Online Canna-Biz Blueprint, stay up to date on my latest podcasts, and be the first to know about upcoming enrollment opportunities.