Public Speaking And Cannabis Education



Once you have products to promote, or you’ve written and published a book be it print or digital, getting speaking gigs that can boost your income, spread your reach, and solidify you as an industry expert is often the next step. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages of this business model that you might want to think about. So let’s talk about those today as well as some tips to help you crush it if you choose to go this route.

Getting Prepared to Speak

If you would like to take your business to the next level, speaking at events can do that for you. If you really want to do this, start getting prepared now instead of waiting until you’re asked. If you are growing your business, networking, going to events, and doing things, you will eventually get the invite. It’s coming so it’s best to be ready.

Think about what your basic talk would be like if you were to do it right now. If you can craft that basic speech or talk now, and then upgrade it and personalize it for each audience you speak in front of, that will make it go a lot smoother for you.

Selling Your Flagship Product Live

One thing that is awesome about speaking at live events is that you can usually promote your product, and frequently speakers promote their main or flagship product at events. That thing you are known for or want to be known for. Often, it’s your most expensive product and one that even selling to one person at the event will make it worthwhile for doing the speaking engagement even if you’re not directly paid. Speaking of, let’s talk about…

Getting Paid or Not for Speaking

Some events do not pay you directly for speaking. In fact, there are many events that you’ll still have to buy a ticket for even if you speak at them. However, that doesn’t mean they are not worthwhile endeavors. It might even be a good thing to speak at these events for free in order to perfect your public talk before you go into paid gigs. Normally if you don’t get paid, you do get to promote your products freely during the entire event.

Finding Events

In order to find the events, you can look up events in your local area, ask your networking groups, and use Google search and alerts to ensure you don’t miss any event that is talking to your audience. Remember, this doesn’t have to be a cannabis touching event necessarily but it does have to be one that has an audience that needs your knowledge.

Making the Most of the Event

Once you have been invited to speak, remember to make the most of the event. Don’t just show up at your speaking time. Go to as many of the other speaker’s talks as possible. Be an enthusiastic participant in between speakers too during breaks. Go to the after-hours events and make it a point to talk to and network with everyone there.

Speaking is a great way to boost your credibility, make a name for yourself as an authority in your cannabis niche, and of course, make more money. People who go to these types of events are typically ready to buy something before they even go. Therefore, be prepared, know the audience, and go for it.

That’s all for today but I do hope you found some inspiration. What do you think? Are you going to add public speaking to your growing list of skills? What topic would you talk about if you could only pick one? I want to hear all about it so be sure to join the conversation over in the Facebook group. You can find the link for that along with loads of other great resources in my show notes.


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