How To Grow Your List With Lead Magnets

 So over the past few episodes I’ve gone over how to identify the problems and solutions that you can offer with a cannabis information product, it’s time to pick just one problem and one solution that you will focus on in order to build your email list. Building an email list is perhaps the number one most important factor in building your business.

And I say this because it’s the only way to have predictable access to your audience. You never know how things are going to shift on social media. Especially in the cannabis niche. You could wake up one day and find your account has been suspended due to new platform guidelines.

It’s happened to me before and it’s a disaster. I had 40K followers at the time and they were all gone in the blink of an eye. So having a mailing list and moving that relationship to their email inbox is the only way to safeguard your marketing efforts. And that list will quickly become the number one asset of your online business.

So, how do you start building your mailing list? From social media to your blog, every time a new person visits your site or other platforms, they should be invited to join your list. And the best way to do this is with something called a lead magnet.

One of the easiest lead magnets to make is a quick list of resources and tips that help your audience. If you tuned in to my last episode The Magic Question: How Can Cannabis Help? Then you’ve already made a list of problems your audience is facing and the various solutions you can present them with. So you will use this insight to design your free lead magnet in exchange for their email address.

But let’s back up a second...


What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is an incentive for signing up for an email list. You give them something, and in exchange - instead of money - they give you their email address and potentially other information that you can use to connect with them. It should solve one problem quickly and be instantly accessible. PDFs are a popular option because they are so easy to create.

The best way to explain this process is with an example:

Let’s say that you're a dog trainer. You help your audience, consisting of dog owners, to take better care of their pets with natural alternatives. You get loads of questions about CBD dog treats, people are curious about how CBD can help but they are also pretty apprehensive. So you've created a short report to solve this problem for your audience.

Your short report is called: Everything You Need to Know About CBD and Your Puppy.

It’s clear who the lead magnet is for and what it promises to do for the person who downloads it. A dog owner who is curious about CBD for their pet will clearly benefit from this report. Inside the report, it might consist of some scientific findings, quotes from veterinary techs, and products that come highly recommended.

Your site visitors come to your site and read an article called: Is CBD really safe for your furry friend?

While they are reading it, they either receive a pop-up with the lead magnet offer, or you can link the short report within the content as an in-content link. You can also link it below the article or blog post depending on the technology you are using to promote your lead magnet.

And if you really want to get fancy with it, you may also install a pixel on your site and use Facebook or Google ads to help you remarket the lead magnet to site visitors that left your website without acting. Once they get the lead magnet and are on your email list, you can start promoting your other products and services directed at the main problems you solve for your audience. This is where you offer your private consults, pet training, a course on making their own CBD-infused dog treats, or whatever else you offer.

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