Leveraging Video To Expand Your Cannabis Education Empire

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Leveraging Video To Expand Your Cannabis Education Empire


Whether you love the idea or hate it, the stats are clear. People are more likely to share video, engage with video, and like videos than the same content being shared in text format. This doesn’t mean you should give up text format, but it does mean that you will want to add video to your content marketing plan in order to connect on a deeper level with potential customers and clients.

Luckily, technology has gotten to the point that anyone with a smartphone can record a video with pretty decent quality. So, no excuses bucko. It’s time to get in front of that camera. Let’s talk about four ways you can start incorporating video into your content right now.

1) Go Live

Today you can go live on virtually every social media platform. The one you choose should be the one that’s most assessable to your audience. If most of your audience is active on YouTube, use that; if it’s Facebook, use that. Right now, for the cannabis industry at least, the party is over on Instagram. And if you want to get really fancy, you can even be in two places at once using software like OBS Studios.

Whatever you decide, go live and do it now. Because when you do, something amazing happens. First, you’re going to build relationships because your followers can see you as you are now, they get a glimpse behind the scenes and a peek at you being your most genuine self. Second, the audience is a lot more likely to pay attention when they see you’re live because it just isn’t the same to go back and watch the replay later on. They feel like they are actually a part of your content creation process when they show up live which can be a pretty cool feeling for your fans. Finally, when you answer their questions live, it makes you seem that much more knowledgeable about your topic.

2) Make Short Recordings

This is my favorite type of video to make because it’s so easy and effective. If someone needs help with something that will take less than 2 minutes to explain, make a short recording walking them through it. If it’s only going to take a couple of minutes of your time, it’s more than worth it to create for the person who asked but it’s also helpful for those followers out there who have the same question but are too shy to write. Most of the time if one of your audience members asks a question, you can bet that someone else on your list is wondering the same thing. So if you randomly share a video to answer the question for them it will feel like you’re reading their mind.

You don’t even have to appear in these types of videos. You can use a screenshot and your voice to get the message to them. If you do this at least once a day based on questions asked, your audience will be very appreciative, and you’ll connect with them on a whole new level.

3) To Meet Up & Host Q & A Sessions

The third way to use video is to have live meetings with your audience. You can do this by setting up a Zoom room ( that allows more than one person to appear on the screen at a time. Some coaches use Zoom rooms during open office hours for their clients to pop in and ask questions during that time. But you can use Facebook group events, Instagram live rooms, parlor if you are over there. You get the point.

Your followers will appreciate a Q & A session because even though they can always email you to ask questions, people are more likely to ask during a live event than via email. Plus, for those who need to feel like they are talking to a real person, getting to interact with you live fosters more trust.

4) 1:1 Instagram posts and Reels

Finally, if you’re not quite ready to try the last three suggestions and you need a little practice, consider starting with super short and sweet bursts of video on Instagram or Tick Tock. The 1:1 video squares for your IG wall feed have a limit of 60 seconds while Tick Tock and IG reels have a limit of just 15 seconds. So this is an amazing way to dip your toe in, play around, try out different styles and backgrounds, and create something a little different for your audience. You don’t even need to write it yourself for it to be effective. Think tip of the day, word of the day, resource of the day, or even share your favorite quotes and affirmations.

Whatever you choose, the more you can use video in your content marketing, the better. The main thing is that you want to ensure that any video you create is genuinely relevant, recordings aren’t too long, and you stick to a message during each episode so that you don’t get off track or go outside of your branding message.

That’s all for today but I do hope you found some inspiration. What do you think? Are you going to start incorporating video into your business? I want to hear all about it so be sure to join the conversation over in the Facebook group. You can find the link for that along with loads of other great resources in my show notes.


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