How To Find Your Dream Cannabis Niche

Now I know there are thousands of you out there who want to find a way into the cannabis industry but you're not quite sure how. Maybe you're looking for budtender jobs but you're hesitant to take one because of the low wage. Or maybe you're determined to start your own business but you can't quite figure out what that looks like.

And I notice people get stuck because they are sitting there thinking "What do I know about cannabis that is marketable?" When truly, there is a much easier way to go about it.

For my industry service providers out there this will be pretty easy. Anything that applies to a non-cannabis business will apply to a cannabis business as well. So let's say you're a social media manager. Piece of cake. Assuming you love what you do, you just have to brush up on what's currently working in the cannabis marketing world. You would then begin creating content around the latest industry trends to promote yourself as a cannabis industry marketing expert.

It gets a little trickier for my advocate educators out there. Those of you who know you want to act as a sort of guide or support person for cannabis newbies but you're not exactly sure how to go about it.

What I often see is that people in this category are hung up thinking about how to fit what they know into the industry. you might be wondering "what kind of cannabis business or job is the right fit for me?" But this is a misguided strategy.

And here's why:

When it comes to teaching people about cannabis you need to reach beyond the people who are already enthusiasts. They already know what cannabis can do for them.

Your goal as an educator is to find people where they are at, outside of the little bubble that is the cannabis industry, and give the people who don't currently know and understand the cannabis plant a way to learn within the context of their current lived experience.

So, for whatever marketable skill you have – health coaching, cooking, music, art, event coordination – ask yourself “how can I leverage what I know about cannabis to enrich the experience.” This is going to help you find your sweet spot. You’re reaching people who may not have a safe place to explore their curiosity about cannabis elsewhere and you set yourself apart in your unique niche. It’s a win-win.

And we know this works because we see some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the industry using this method. I used the example of the Canna-Sexual in a previous episode, a sex educator who adds a cannabis spin to her content. Amazing! What about cannabis yoga instructors, personal trainers, dieticians, women health experts, bakers, chefs, wedding planners, there's even an entire business built around cannabis greeting cards.

The most successful service business out there are taking what they're already good at and adding a cannabis industry twist.

So if you currently have a profession, career, hobby, or skillset that you enjoy doing that is outside of the cannabis world, you don't necessarily have to jump ship. You can easily tweak what you are already doing to either apply to or cater to the business inside of the industry if you're a service provider. This will be especially true if you are an accountant, bookkeeper, writer, editor, event coordinator, or something along those lines.

Or you can continue to do the more creative work you're already doing and niche down hard to attract current or would-be cannabis enthusiasts.

Let's say you're a master macrame artist as a hobby but you also really want to start your own cannabis business. I guarantee you there are thousands of people out there who are just as in love with both cannabis and macrame as you are. Who doesn't love to light up and make pretty things? These two things might seem completely unrelated at first glance. But they provide an in to position yourself as an influencer in your niche.

Start an Instagram showing off your latest creations. Host live events teaching people how to make their own macrame art or how to buy the right materials. Highlight the work of other amazing macrame artists. All the while puffing on your favorite flower and casually sharing cannabis tips. Look into collaborations. Maybe you consider forming a joint venture with a local cannabis wedding planner. Or you team up with an interior designer to decorate the world's most amazing session spaces.

This is not only an amazingly fun and creative way to unite your two interests, but you become very well known in both the cannabis and crafting worlds for a very specific thing. Before you know it, people in the cannabis world are going to be asking you questions about macrame, and people in the macrame world will begin asking you questions about cannabis. From here, the possibilities are endless.

And not only is this a surefire way to ensure that you build a business around what you love, but it's also a super cool way to stand out as an advocate. Because you branch out beyond the industry and become a resource for people who may not have had access to cannabis information otherwise.

Just think of that little granny who stumbles upon your website looking for a macrame pattern and suddenly finds the one and only person that she can ask about CBD for her arthritis. How beautiful is that!?


So, if you've been feeling stuck, this is a great place to start. You don't need to think about product ideas just yet. That will come as you start to build authority and attract your audience. For now, just consider what you already do well and ask yourself two things; the first is “what problem can I solve for my audience with my unique expertise?” and the second “How can my knowledge of cannabis improve the experience?”

So let's do an exercise

Bust out a piece of paper and write down everything you absolutely love doing in your free time as a hobby. If you could spend a day doing any activity in the world what would that activity be? Do you know enough about this activity to be just a couple of steps ahead of your audience? Narrow your list down to the top 3 things you could do all day every day and be super happy.

Once you have that down, list all the ways you could incorporate cannabis to enhance the experience. So, how does consume cannabis make this activity more enjoyable? Are there obvious talking points here you can run with?

Sometimes it's easier to remove yourself from the equation if you're still hung up on what you can offer. So Imagine you found the world's coolest influencer who creates content around the subject. What sort of content would they create? How would they weave cannabis into the conversation?

Now imagine what resources they would offer. Do they have an irresistible product or service? What about affiliate partnerships? Do they appear at events? Are they working on any cool joint venture partnerships or collaboration opportunities?

Hopefully, this exercise gert's you pumped up about possibilities. But if you need a little creative support I invite you to hop on over and join the conversation in my shiny new Facebook group Cannabis Business Made Easy. I'll be in there all day reading your comments and replying to them personally. Let's get to the bottom of this as a team.

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