3 Steps To Boost Your Cannabis Industry Credibility

Well, hello there, and welcome to Cannabis Business Made Easy, I'm your host Brandie Bee. Creator of The Elevated Advocate where cannabis advocates become entrepreneurs.

I’m here to help you increase your credibility, grow your influence, and make your impact in the cannabis industry.

In today’s episode, we’re talking about how you can quadruple your cannabis industry credibility starting THIS WEEK.

And this one is a DOOZY, you guys. I firmly believe that, if you own a business in the cannabis industry, you have a responsibility to help us overcome the prohibition stigma with outstanding leadership and advocacy.

It’s no secret that this is kind of my whole thing. I believe in this so much that I started my business Sativa Science Club to give entrepreneurs the resources they need to show up for their communities. But I had to figure it out for myself first. Fresh out of business school, I managed to start from zero and turn SSC into one of the most credible education resources in the cannabis industry. That took a fair amount of forethought and strategy, and I’m going to share some of those secrets with you this week.

But let’s back up a second. First, what do I mean exactly when I say credibility? As we touched on in episode four. When people decide to buy your product, they aren’t making that purchase based on the features that you’re offering. They’re obtaining a solution to a problem, or an outcome that will behoove them in some way. And they are buying it from you specifically because you probably have a reputation of being able to meet that need.

Customers need to trust that what your offering is going to work the way you promise and, if something happens, you’ll take care of it and honor the relationship that your building. And a big part of this is branding. What’s your style? Are you buttoned up and pulled together? Do you look professional? Your brand is the hook that draws your customers in. They want the things that your brand promises, whether that be luxury, reliability, or social awareness. Again, it’s not really about the product, it’s about the lifestyle or the story.

So when your potential clients are out there searching for the right company to meet their needs, they are looking for your credibility. What makes you the most trustworthy business, and how are you going to help them succeed.  

Today, I wanted to talk about a few subtle ways that you can be boosting your credibility in the cannabis industry, and they are effortless! But these things go a long way towards helping you stand out as something extra special and unique.

The first is to know your Cannabis story. We all have one! How did cannabis enter your life, and when was your very first Ah-Ha moment. What was it, exactly, that made you decide to join the cannabis industry? You may think this one is a little off-topic, so let me explain why this is so important for your credibility.

Cannabis is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world right now. There are hundreds of new businesses jumping on board every day and hundreds of thousands of business ideas thrown around every week. I can’t even tell you how many websites I’ve seen that are half baked (if you’ll allow the pun) They tell you nothing about the business and focus on the product rather than the company. Here’s what I have, and I’ll trade it to you for money. It may seem like a legitimate sales tactic at first, but people instinctively distrust these companies!

By sharing a little about your self and starting with your “why” you start to establish a rapport and relationship with your clients. They know you are a human and not just an online sales machine. Remind your clients that you are human, and they will start to truly connect with your company.

The next credibility tip is to make a commitment to scientific peer-reviewed findings. And I’m a stickler about this in the Sativa Science Club community. It’s a straightforward and effective strategy. Yes, there are a few great blog resources out there like Project CBD and Terpenes and Testing magazine that have dedicated editors with advanced experience or degrees.

But, if you can’t verify this is the case, don’t risk sharing something that might not be legit with your community. Websites like Leafly and High Times are helpful to have and fun to read. But they are a pretty far cry away from scientifically peer-reviewed information where accuracy is all but guaranteed. Committing only to use scientific peer-reviewed sources is not only better for your image, but it’s also better for the industry.

And finally, I encourage you to start making informative content for your community ASAP. If you offer a product or service in the cannabis industry, no matter how qualified you feel you are, your customers and clients are going to be looking to you for advice about how this sort of product will help them meet their needs. Anticipating this with a rock-solid information campaign around your product or service is a great way to give your people what they want and uplift the credibility factor of your company.

Even if you don’t currently have a product on the market, but you aspire to start a company. You will never regret having engaging and informative content based on the latest scientific findings. This is going to set you apart as someone thoughtful and prepared to go to bat for your client and the industry. It’s a clear sign of a competent leader.

And all you have to do is set aside some time to write a short social media series or design some infographics based on a peer-reviewed article once a week. Just be sure to cite your sources so you readers can see that you walk your talk as an advocate for accurate science in the cannabis industry.

And if you really want to go all-in Be sure to download our little PDF 20 credibility boosting tips for the cannabis industry. And I’ll let you in on a bit of a secret; there is a special freebie gift at the end if you read the whole thing that I think you’re going to want to see.

That’s all for today, my friends, but I sincerely hope that you consider this and start phasing out eh use of blogs in favor of scientific resources in your cannabis company. I think you’ll see that it goes a long way towards establishing trust and credibility in your community.

I’ll be back next week and until next time, onwards and upwards towards elevated advocacy.



20-Cannabis Credibility Boosting Tips

Places to find great peer-reviewed resources: 

Google Scholar

Directory of FREE open access journals online


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