Well, hello there advocate

Welcome to my little slice of the internet.

I'm Brandie Bee

Creator of The Elevated Advocate and host of the Cannabis Business Made Easy podcast

This is my story

I've been passionate about natural medicine as far back as I can remember.

What started as making "Band-Aids" out of moss on the playground grew into a lifetime of travel to study how different cultures utilize native plants to heal their communities.

This led me to some amazing places - From the Pacific Northwest's rainforests, where I was born and raised, to the jungles of Southeast Asia, where I got to learn about cannabis landraces.

It also led me to college, where I spent my 20's studying ethnobotany by day and businesses by night.

My goal was to work as a freelance consultant specializing in the holistic health industry.

Then something totally unexpected happened...

After earning my degrees in marketing and business management, I spent a summer working as the director of education at a local herbal medicine shop. I designed a short 101 course about the science behind cannabis during my time there, and the response was overwhelming.

So overwhelming, in fact, that I quickly outgrew the small classroom, and started selling out meeting halls ~ with standing room only. And started hiring guest experts.

At that point, I realized I needed to take this online to reach a broader audience. Before long, we were teaching cannabis science to students worldwide under the name Sativa Science Club. You may have even seen us featured in MJ Lifestyle, High Times, Forbes, or on the cover of NW Leaf.

Things were going well enough, but one day while communing with a particularly potent cannabis flower, it hit me: I could teach thousands of students about cannabis on my own - or I could help my students create their own education businesses, and together, we could reach millions.

So back in 2019, I did something crazy...

I closed Sativa Science Club for good and created The Elevated Advocate - A business accelerator for cannabis educators.

And instead of teaching cannabis science myself, I turned my best-selling certification program into a done-for-you content library. So my members never have to write a single lesson from scratch.

In other words, I teach you exactly how to start a successful cannabis education business step-by-step and then give you all of the content you need to design your classes. - So you can start your business sooner - and focus on serving your audience.

I LOVE what I do! It's the most rewarding work in the world, and sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming.

My membedrs have gone on to launch their own cannabis science courses, coaching programs, consultancies, conferences, live events, and everything in between.

It would be an honor to help you find the same success they have.

So, that's my story, dear advocate. What will yours be? 

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