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No matter where you are in your canna-business journey, I'm going to bet you wouldn't mind saving dozens of hours (and dollars) per week. Luckily, there are thousands of digital resources that will help you organize and automate your cannabis company. The trick is knowing which ones to spring for and when so you don't end up under-using and overpaying.

I know the feeling. I've tried hundreds of pieces of software and online subscriptions personally, and I would LOVE to use my experience to make your life a little easier. So I've created this comprehensive guide for each step in your business and packed it full of helpful links. Whether you're wondering how to get your business licensed, or you want to start your first podcast, take a peek below to find all the resources you need! 

Full disclosure, I trust these resources so much that several of the links below are affiliate links. This means that I may get a small commission at no additional cost to you if you decide to purchase something. But rest assured that I've gotten great value out of all of these resources myself, and I ONLY promote the best of the best to my community. To get started, choose your business stage below, and you'll find exactly what you need neatly organized by category. 

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I'm totally new to all of this.

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I'm ready to put myself out there.

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I'm ready to scale my business.

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Stage One

You know you're in stage one if you're totally new to this business thing and you're not really sure how to get started. You have an idea of the product or service you would like to create, but the rest of the details are pretty hazy. If this sounds about right, the resources below should bring you some much-needed clarity.

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Stage Two

You know you're in stage two when you've taken full advantage of the resources in stage one, and you feel like you have the hang of things. Now is the time to start building a brand and making a name for yourself in the industry. The resources below include everything you need to get started with online marketing. 

Stage Three

You know you're in stage three when you have a rock solid brand identity and your content plan is poppin'. You're ready to bring on a little help and really grow this baby. The resources below include everything you need to get organized, stay organized, and monitor your progress carefully. 

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