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 In this easy to follow checklist, I walk you through the proven step-by-step process that the most successful entrepreneurs use to research, plan, and prepare their online cannabis business. 



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The only problem is, it's surprisingly complicated and you're new to this

 At this point, you've attended a few dozen webinars and seen a hundred YouTube videos but they only teach you one tiny part of the process. So here you are with this massive pile of puzzle pieces and no idea how to put them together to create a fully functional online business. 


Let Me Help You See The Big Picture  

Hey, I'm Brande Bee

I'm the creator of The Elevated Advocate and host of the podcast Cannabis Business Made Easy. After nearly a decade of business school and five years of direct experience as a six-figure course creator, I've got a few tricks up my sleeve. 

From developing effective back-end strategies to DIYing my own brand identity, I've done a little bit of everything. But my ultimate passion in life is to help aspiring online business owners achieve their dreams.

Because the world needs cannabis entrepreneurs, just like you, who aim to elevate the industry with your digital product or service. But there are A LOT of moving parts to this. 

If you're struggling to prioritize, or you're having a hard time deciding what order to do things, I want you to download my FREE checklist, The Online Canna-Biz Blueprint.: a proven process for building your online cannabis business on autopilot.


Get The FREE Online 
Canna-Biz Blueprint

Uncover a proven process for building your online business on autopilot.